A reflection on 21st century fathers

The problem with fathers is few realise how very important and special their role is. 

There is often reference to the importance of mothers, but research both anecdotal and empirical suggests that fathers are crucial to the well-being of their children’s psyches.

The 21st century person will recognise the importance of the father and how his engagement with and reaction to the various relationships within the family structure will impact on the emotional health of his family.

This is probably the best time in history for a father to enjoy and engage with his role as nurturer and developer of the soul of his family.

No longer does he have to be simply the provider of food and shelter - he is far more than that. No longer does he have to deny his emotions, and no longer does he have to cover up his ability to and need for love within the family structure.

Fathers who embrace their role deserve to be celebrated. Fathers who care profoundly and appropriately are crucial to the future of our nation.

Good fathers make integrated, strong and capable women of their daughters. Similarly, fathers with a strong sense of identity allow their sons to become the people the universe intended them to be.

Good fathers develop a deep integrity within their offspring, if they love and care for them and if they spend time listening deeply to their family. It is time for fathers to be proud of their role and to embrace the challenges and joys it brings.

Good, caring and careful fathers deserve to be commended and celebrated. Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, wrote, “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”

Well done to all the dads who take their role seriously and who are building a generation of decent human beings.

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