Dinner at Budmarsh - what a treat

A visitor shares her Budmarsh dining experience with us...

My first impression of dinner at Budmarsh really sticks out in my mind.

While strolling around the gorgeous grounds, enjoying the peace of the picturesque surrounds, I spotted Executive Chef Chris Tustian tending to his herb garden below the expansive Swiss window of the Budmarsh kitchen. Wearing a crisp chef's apron, Tustian gently plucked leaves of varying shape and size from a neat patch of herbs and spices tucked into a corner of the courtyard.

Once Tustian had gathered the freshest of ingredients and disappeared  into the kitchen to prepare dinner, I wandered up to the herb garden for a closer look. The scent of sweet basil, rosemary, thyme and red chilli hit me as I neared. I've tried to grow my own herbs before, but have never managed to have plants look half as beautiful as Tustian's. The perfect stems and large ripening leaves covered in dew made me wonder about that night's delicious dishes they would be flavouring. There's something wonderful about being allowed that little bit of insight into a meal's preparation.

Dinner did not disappoint. A starter of prawns on a bed of crispy prosciutto, a main meal of Springbok medallions and fresh vegetables infused with a remarkable combination of flavours, and a dessert of gloriously creamy crème brulée was a foodie experience to remember.

Small dishes of refreshing sorbet cleansed the pallet between courses, and homemade chocolates like I've never tasted before were served with coffee. The portions were prepared so as not to overwhelm one another, or the dining experience as a whole, and every bite was an experience in itself. I relished every taste.

In short: what a treat. I can't wait to enjoy another decadent meal at Budmarsh.

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