Stylish and fun: Potjiekos, Budmarsh style

The Budmarsh executive chef, Chris, nearly flipped all the lids in the kitchen when he was told a conference wanted a potjie (traditional stew) for dinner.

Potjie at Budmarsh

More alarming to him was that amateur cooks were going to be preparing the potjie as part of a team-building exercise. For a chef from across the ocean, the notion of a fire and a potjie was hard to comprehend.

Being the obsessive perfectionist that he is, and wanting to please his conference guests, Chris set to researching potjiekos (potjie food).

Most of us would have simply thought of meat, potatoes, carrots and a potjie pot. But it was far more critical to Chris that he mastered this South African phenomenon with more flair. Potjies were certainly not something he had learnt about in the fine restaurants of France, and he now required some new skills!

After some deliberation, and clearly feeling less daunted, Chris created a fantastic competition for the four potjiekos teams, and smart answers to culinary questions saw them earning fabulous additions for their potjies.

Imagine a potjie with a bit of French champagne to add some fizz and style ... well, he had to add panache to the evening!

This was certainly a fun exercise with a tasty ending - although rumour has it there was unanimous agreement that Chris's cuisine had the upper hand!

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