The heat is on in the Budmarsh kitchen

Being known as someone with an overdeveloped sense of integrity, I thought this may be a useful blog for people who visit establishments. Please feel free to ask your own questions, which we will try to answer.

Budmarsh offers guests a fine dining experience like no other... and a truly delectable selection of desserts!

The other night, our wonderful chef in charge of desserts had a disaster in the  kitchen. There are many ways of getting around these sorts of issues, but if you have values in the kitchen like those of the Budmarsh Exec Chefs, there is only one way - and that is the right way.

When desserts are ordered they are baked fresh. So, while guests are enjoying the four courses prior to dessert, the chef responsible for desserts is prepping away. On this particular evening, most of the guests selected the delectable Budmarsh crème caramel dessert. It is fantastic.

Okay, so it wasn't Friday the 13th but it felt like it when the whole lot collapsed and could not be served ... you cannot re-bake a crème caramel and you definitely cannot serve a faux crème caramel, from a packet, one that has been pre-cooked.

The poor F&B manager had to face the guests and ask them to select the other dessert on the menu. And compliments to our guests ... none of them complained. Some even said they had difficulty choosing so it helped them with the decision, and others were so bowled over by the chocolate marquise they said it was a blessing in disguise. It wasn't really; the Budmarsh crème caramel is superb, but just not on this particular night.

So disasters happen in kitchens and one can cover up or tell the truth. And it is wonderful how well people respond to the truth.

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