The latest visitor to room 10

Budmarsh is a nature lover's dream come true. This little guy dropped in to say hello, and is now ensconced in the loving arms of our infatuated staff at reception.

The Budmarsh bush baby wrapped up warmly in a soft towel
Bush babies are native to the area, and are nocturnal (could explain why our little visitor looks somewhat sleepy in this photo).

Their large eyes help them to see in the dark, and they are also known for their acute sense of hearing and jumping ability. They like to eat insects, fruit and seeds.

When visiting Budmarsh, keep on the lookout for the large variety of animals and birdlife to be found in the area.

From glorious kingfishers and mysterious owls, to cheeky otters and tree-dwelling bush babies, you're sure to get a thrill out of spotting one of these wonderful little creatures on your visit.

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