At Budmarsh your contentment and relaxation is important to us. On request, we will arrange special spa treatments in the comfort of your room, courtesy of Just Haven Spa en Suite.

De-stress as you treat yourself to luxurious treatments such as a vanilla mud wrap, a stimulating body brush and polish, a restful soak in a green tea and Dead Sea salt bath or a revitalising facial.

A pampering Just Haven session is the ideal indulgence for couples looking to unwind or enjoy a romantic weekend escape, and is also a memorable gift.


1 hr Air Package R599

A light and lifting journey –perfect if you are not a full body person but still enjoy
the benefits of massage. 30 minute Indian Head Massage and 30 minute Back and
Neck Massage


1 ½ hr Earth Package R892

Enjoy a grounding experience with a full body 60 minute Aroma infused Balm
Massage selected to treat your current state, followed by a deeply relaxing 30
minute Indian Head Massage.

2 hr Water Package R1 080

Soothing from top to toe as you open the flow of channels in your body. 30
minutes of Indian Head Massage followed with 30 minutes back and neck
massage and completed with a 60 minute foot treatment.

2 hr Fire Package R1 145

Energising and vitalising full body work for bodies on-the-go. A 90 minute Hot
Stone and Aroma infused Balm Massage, followed by a 30 minute Foot Massage to
complete the energy workout.

Nurture – Mother-to-Be (5 Hours) R1 809

Gentle touch Pamper Facial and Indian Head Massage will relieve tension and
ease aches and pains, while soothing you and your child. Your tummy will feel
supported and you will be comfortable in our massage chair as you relax into
deep peace with a Back and Neck Massage. Finish with a releasing Foot Massage
and Manicure and Pedicure to celebrate your beautiful body. Be nurtured,
pampered and connected.

Reward - Man Menu (4 Hours) R1 598

After work and play, relax, streamline your body systems and stimulate your
vitality. You will feel ready for anything: clear headed, energised and looking
good. Body Brush, Body Polish, Full Body Massage ,Pamper Facial and Manicure.

Back & Neck Massages:

  • 30 minutes R333
  • With Hot Stone or Aroma infused Balm R387
  • With Hot Stone and Aroma infused Balm R444
  • 60 Minutes Back And Neck Massage R535
  • With Hot Stone or Aroma infused Balm R640
  • With Hot Stone and Aroma infused Balm R761

Full Body Massages:

  • 60 Minutes R535
  • With Hot Stone or Aroma infused Balm R640
  • With Hot Stone and Aroma infused Balm R761
  • 90 minutes Full Body Massage R689
  • With Hot Stone or Aroma infused Balm R790
  • With Hot Stone and Aroma infused Balm R911

Head Massages:

Indian Head Massages:
  • 30 minutes R333
  • 60 minutes R535

Foot Massage:

  • 30 minutes R333.00
  • 60 minutes R535.00

Other Treatments:

  • 60 minutes Manicure R226.00
  • 60 minutes Pedicure R249.00
  • 90 minutes Pamper Facial R535.00
  • With leave in Hair Mask (Add) R67